Beyond Generosity That Reaches
Nate Drye   -  

Key Scripture:

Luke 15: 36-39 MSG

Key Points:

  • If you want something alive and moving then you have to have a new container to handle it.
  • We have two big exciting opportunities: (1) and (2) the Big Christmas Offering.
  • The only way to fully understand how your life and your finances can be used to honor God is to take a step up the rung toward peak level giving.

Key Questions:

  • What different things speak into your life the most? (Media, friends opinions, etc.)

Get talking: Conversations for your group.

  • Who is the most “committed” person you know? To what are they committed?
  • What does commitment mean to you? To what are you committed?
  • When has commitment cost you or caused you to rearrange things?


Read the Scripture passages below and discuss the questions as a group.  

Luke 12:13-21 

  • Some people struggle with spending too much, and other people struggle with saving too much. Both are indicators of our desire to want to live the American dream and control our situations rather than to turn them over to God in surrender. Do you resonate with this passage and struggle with excessive saving or excessive control over the future?

Matthew 6:19-24

  • Have you ever totaled up the total investment you have made in the Church—not just at Albemarle First Assembly, but any Kingdom of God organization? Have you ever thought about your cumulative giving like that? God sees it like that. • As you make your commitment, see this as an extravagant investment into a lifetime of giving that you are making into the Kingdom of God. How does this change how you think about your giving?

Start sharing. Questions to create openness.

  • What prayers have you been praying the most in this pandemic season?
  • What prayers do you feel you should begin praying, or continue to pray? What is God saying to you lately?


“Pray this bold prayer together with your group: “God, so many times we pray for you to use us, for you to speak to us and for you to do great things through us. How often we forget that if you are going to use us, then we have to be willing to make changes. We have to be willing, vulnerable even, to jump in past our fears and into more trust with you. Help us, Lord, to not only hear your voice and your directions, but to take the leap into obedience every time . Amen.”