How to break all of God’s laws with one sin
Nate Drye   -  

Key Scripture:

James 2

Key Points:

Injustice= literally the way to break all of God’s laws in the most effective way.

  • Favoritism grows from one person’s preference and is caught among the rest of a

    group. Favoritism gives way to injustice, which is the absence of fairness and


  • When injustice penetrates a culture, mercy is withheld.
  • Faith is this: confess with your mouth, believe in your heart, DO with your life.
  • When you know who you are, you’ll know what to do.

Key Questions:

  • When have you felt like you were treated unfairly? What did you do?
  • Who are the folks in our community that need mercy? Who is being overlooked?

Get talking: Conversations for your group.

  • Who do you feel that God may be bringing to you that needs mercy?
  • What practical action can we take in the next few days to show love and mercy to someone who has been overlooked?

Start sharing. Questions to create openness.

  • James gets pretty blunt in this second chapter about mercy and the evidence of real faith. What verses or phrases have stuck out to you recently?
  • What do you feel God wants you to do as a result of these phrases or verses?
  • What actions does He require of you, now?


“God, thank you for being near to us. Help us to open ourselves up to you more and

more. Please move in us and help us to lean into you more in this next season. We

want to grow closer with you and understand your power in fresh ways. Amen.”