How to Set the World on Fire
Nate Drye   -  

Key Scripture:

James 4

Key Points:

  • Two Questions for reading scripture: (1) What does this mean for us, right now? and (2) What is God saying to us, right now?
  • We all too easily get our eyes onto solutions rather than looking to God for what He will do.
  • Humility is more about bowing your head than hanging your head.
  • If Jesus is Lord, then that means that other things/people are not.

Key Questions:

  • What different things speak into your life the most? (Media, friends opinions, etc.)

Get talking: Conversations for your group.

  • When James speaks of being a “friend of the world”, what does that mean to you?
  • What comes to mind when James talks about resisting the Devil (verse 7)? How would someone really do that?
  • Read verses 11-12. How would you explain this to someone who is new to faith?

Start sharing. Questions to create openness.

  • What prayers have you been praying the most in this pandemic season?
  • What prayers do you feel you should begin praying, or continue to pray? What is God saying to you lately?


“God, thank you for being near to us. Help us to open ourselves up to you more and more. Please move in us and help us to lean into you more in this next season. We want to grow closer with you and understand your power in fresh ways. Amen.”