Reclaimed: Dial Back the Chaos
Nate Drye   -  

Key Scriptures:
2 Timothy 2:14-18, 2 Timothy 6:4-5, Luke 6:45

Key Points:
• How do we dial back the chaos? (1) Respect the Image of God in each other, (2) Be quick to listen and slow to speak, (3) Make the Harvest the focus, (4) Practice grace AND truth and (5) Check your heart.
• True disciples are people who can sit, listen, and disagree, yet still respect each other (both face to face and behind each others’ back).

Get talking: a conversation starter for your group.
• Share with your group something that God has spoken to you or something you have done in your faith journey this past week.
• When have you been hurt or deflated by someone’s words? When have you carelessly used your words?

Go deeper. Read Proverbs 18:21 and James 3:1-12.
• Can you think of a moment when someone’s words lifted you up? A moment when someone’s words torn you down?
• Most of us don’t plan on giving death, it is usually triggered by something, what triggers you to react in life giving words or in death giving words.
• Taming the tongue is a disciple, a habit. How do you create a habit? Or implement disciple in your life?
• What small step can you take towards the habit of life giving words?

• God, We give ourselves to your life. As we consider what the future holds, for this coming week and even for the rest of this year, reveal to us the places where we can speak Your life and truth. Guard our hearts in the moments where we will be tempted to respond in less than life giving ways. We hold your image with great reverence- and you’ve placed your image with each of us. We will not take your name in vain. Amen.