Reclaimed: Go Next Level
Nate Drye   -  

Key Scriptures:

2 Timothy 4:5


Key Points:

    • Where Do We Need Good News? (1) In Relationships, (2) Compassion and Justice and (3) Hopeless Places.
    • The Litmus test: Am I living an urgent life? (1) Do I pray? (2) Do I reach out to those who are missing? (3) Do I look for needs? (4)  Do I invite people in? (5) Do I share the good news?


Get talking: a conversation starter for your group.

    • How would you define good news?
    • Evangelian means, “to spread good news.” What was the best news that you’ve ever heard?


Get specific: some questions to ponder in your group.

    • Pick one of the question from the litmus test that stood out to you- maybe one of the questions that you answered “no” or “sometimes” to. What is challenging for you about that question?

Go Deeper: Read Psalm 96:2-4.

    • David proclaims what he thinks about God, based on his story. If you look at your story, how would you proclaim your praise or thoughts about God? Why?



    • God, You gave us so much and we are grateful. Truly, our desire is to become more and more like you. Sometimes, when we reflect, we realize that we could be more urgent in sharing the good news of Jesus. Give us very clear signals- get our attention- help us recognize the moments where we can bring the hope of Jesus more often. This week, we pray for a specific moment where, without a doubt, we will know for sure that you’ve placed us for good news sharing. We trust you.  Amen.