That Ain’t Right Just Pray About It
Nate Drye   -  

Key Scriptures:
Ecclesiastes 3:11, Psalm 103:13, Matthew 7:9-11, Matthew 6:5-8, James 4:8
Key Points:
• The goal of prayer is not to pray. The goal of prayer is to be formed.
• Misconceptions of prayer: (1) Prayer is magic, (2) Prayer is a Hail Mary, (3) Prayer is
a negotiation and (4) Prayer is a penalty.
• What is prayer? (1) Prayer is a relationship, not a routine; (2) Prayer is a conversation, not a performance, and (3) Prayer is an opportunity, not a requirement.
Key Questions:
• What are your earliest lessons, observations or examples of prayer?
• Do you have any memorable stories about prayer?
Get talking: Conversations for your group.
• Of the four misconceptions about prayer, which are you most likely to believe and
• Do you have anyone in your life that prays for you like Paul prayed for the church
in Ephesians 1:16-20?
Start sharing. Questions to create openness.
• Tell us about a time in your life when a situation was made better because of spiritual wisdom, hope or awareness of God’s power. What practical, real life good
came out of this?
• Looking at your prayer life, in what ways can you be more sincere, honest and
open with God?
“God, thank you for being near to us. Help us to open ourselves up to you more and
more. Please move in us and help us to lean into you more in this next season. We
want to grow closer with you and understand your power in fresh ways. Amen.”