That Ain’t Right! Money is the Root of All Evil
Nate Drye   -  

Key Scriptures:
I Timothy 6:10, 17-19;
Ecclesiastes 5:19;
Luke 18:24-25

Key Thoughts:
• Every blessing that we don’t turn back into praise has the potential to turn into pride.
• God is not opposed to us having things, he is opposed to things having us.
• 2 big challenge prayers for rich people: (1) I will not trust in my riches, but in Him who richly provides and (2) Because I have more, I will give more and do more.
• We don’t need more of what is temporary. We need more of what is eternal.

Get talking: a conversation starter for your group.
• What’s the craziest thing you would you do for a million dollars?
• If you became extravagantly wealthy overnight, what’s the first thing you would do?

Start thinking. Ask a question to get your group thinking.
• Why does wealth seem like a moving target? Why do we always want just a little bit more?
• Read Luke 12:16-21. What reasons would God have for caring what we do with our mon-ey?

Start sharing. Choose a question to create openness.
• How can we focus less on what we don’t have and more on what God has given us?
• How can you share the blessings God has given you with others in need this week?

Father, we know that everything we have comes from You. Thank You for providing for our needs every day, in ways small and big. Thank You for giving us opportunities to bless others with the things You’ve given us. Help us to remember that, in You, we can find everything we need. In Jesus’ name, amen.”