Nate Drye

Lead/Senior pastor

My name is Nate Drye and I have led in the church since 2002 in family ministry (youth and young adults) and in senior leadership roles, currently as a lead/senior pastor.

I am married to Shauna and we have two children (Lucy- 9 and Brennan-6). Our family values determine how we approach leadership in the local church: authentic living (no masks), generous hearts (the love of Jesus with practical, outward focused love), emotionally healthy spirituality (scripture based, inclusive relationships) and big picture life mission (the love of Jesus isn’t limited to our zip code). Shauna and I met in church. She has multiple degrees; most recently, a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Loyola University.

We love to travel and network among global ministry partnerships (Convoy of Hope, Compassion Intl., and AGWM, for example). Our favorite experiences (so far) have been in Kenya. Our last experience there was in 2018 with our (then) 8yr old daughter, Lucy.

My preaching style is relational and transparent; formed in the expository study of scripture. As a pastor, I care about people and am determined to serve and equip their spiritual growth, utilizing all the spiritual gifts that God gives to us.

I believe the local church is specifically called to reach the local community and that a pastor is to lead the way in ministering to that community. I’m also convinced that a church will not exist into the next generation unless that church intentionally develops next generation leaders.