How (Not) To Save The World

We’ve been tricked! We’ve believed lies like: our story is not important, we’re better off doing life alone, it’d be better if we waited until everything was perfect, we’re not qualified to share about Jesus, there’s no way for our loved ones to know Him… the list goes on. Believing these lies? That’s how not to save the world. It turns out, we can naturally share the truth about Jesus in our everyday lives. We can let those around us know how valuable they are to God. Throughout the How (Not) to Save the World series, we’ll unpack what God’s word actually says about revealing God’s love in our everyday lives. We’ve been created for it. We’ve been equipped for it. And we’re ready for it. Let’s go.

How (Not) to Save the World – Week 3 – Pastor Stacy Sanders

October 16, 2022

How (Not) to Save the World – Week 1

October 2, 2022

How (Not) to Save the World – Week 2

October 9, 2022

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